Last weekend I was at the annual MCA Zine Fair, which is part of the Sydney Writers Festival.  I’ve been going with my pals Hon and Robbie for the last few years (since 2009?) and this year was a real standout for me.  This fair was the debut of Beef Knuckles#7, he theme was ‘Loser’.  As per usual, I illustrated the cover and printed it on the Gocco screen printer we’ve been using since issue one.  The cover for this issue was more ambitious then the other covers I’ve done. I used four colours instead of two. Four times the colour equals four times the work.  It took ages to complete; I clocked over 10 hours in printing alone!

This fair was particularly successful for us, we sold over 90 zines this year, a new record!  There are some great pics of the event over at The Thousands (we’re in there somewhere). I’ll be doing some reviews of the zines I got at the fair at the Beef Knuckles site soon.  In the meantime, have a look at the cover and one of the comics that I drew for this issue.  If you’re interested in getting a copy feel free to contact me.

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