Finally got a website up.  And with it comes a blog. I’ll keep it updated when I can.  This is my vow to you, anonymous internet users.  Now that I have the obligatory blogging oath out of the way I can show you some of what I’ve been working on.

Recently, I was asked by my friend Lala, who is one half of Even Books, to submit to a project she’s been producing called Cuttings.  Cuttings is a digital only publication that showcases some of Australia’s up and coming writers (it’s 100% free btw, so check it out on your ipad or tablet).  I collaborated with my pal and fellow Beef Knuckles creator, Rob Moran.  His story was about living in Buenons Aires and the mysterious noisy neighbor who lived next door.  I did some illustrations to go with the story. I’ll post up the link when this edition of cuttings is published.

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