Bryn Desmond-Jones is a creative director specialising in animation, motion graphics, character design and illustration

Hello, I'm Bryn

Hi, I’m Bryn.

I’m an animator, designer and illustrator with 15 years of experience working in animation, motion design, character animation, illustration and design.

I am currently residing in Canberra, having recently moved from Sydney where I was Lead Animator and Designer at ​Studio Hackett​; a studio specialising in design and playful, engaging animation.

My body of work spans across broadcast animation, TVCs, movie graphics and online explainers. I have worked for international brands like McDonalds, Huawei, American Express and World Wilderness Foundation as well as cultural icons like the Sydney Opera House and the ABC.

I am passionate about art and design and bringing my skills to interpret the needs of clients in order to tell their stories with clarity and humour.

In addition to specialising in all things animation and design, I am a practicing artist. I make zines (​Beef Knuckles​), prints and paper-based artwork.

I’m available to work in-studio for Melbourne based companies or remotely. Please feel free to get in touch.