Bryn Desmond-Jones is a creative director specialising in animation, motion graphics, character design and illustration

Tri Tag Rugby

Tri Tag Rugby Animations

Towards the middle of 2021 I was approached by rugby league legend Mark Gasnier to produce some animated content for his new no-contact rugby...



McCafe: Another Amazing Aussie Invention

In 2018, McDonald’s celebrated 25 years of McCafe; Australia's own invention and one of the most successful additions to the global franchise. To...


Paper Art: Solo Work & Exhibitions

Paper Art

I have been creating paper art for about 10 years now. Here is a selection of artworks that I created over that time. These paper works are...


Northern Sydney MHDA

First Time Every Time

Northern Sydney Mental Health Drug & Alcohol approached me to help produce an animated video that would assist in educating staff on correct patient...



Imagine This

In my role as Lead Animator at Studio Hackett, I worked with ABC Listen and ABC Kids on an animated series for television. The six episodes made...