Bryn Desmond-Jones is a creative director specialising in animation, motion graphics, character design and illustration

Tri Tag Rugby

Tri Tag Rugby Animations

Towards the middle of 2021 I was approached by rugby league legend Mark Gasnier to produce some animated content for his new no-contact rugby competition and tech platform, Tri Tag Rugby. Mark asked me to create two mascots for the game of Tri Tag; ambassadors of the competition for younger players. The two characters, Timmy (an upbeat Groodle) and Tammy (a relaxed Kangaroo) help to introduce the game, explain the rules and give helpful information such as nutrition and training tips.

Character Design Round 1

The first part of the Tri Tag brief was to create two mascots for Tri Tag. Mark requested a Groodle and a Kangaroo as the two animals to anthropomorphise into Tri Tag rugby ambassadors. I provided Mark with several initial designs to choose from.

Character Design Final

After receiving feedback from Mark and the Tri Tag team, we settled on two designs made from a mix of a few of the initial sketches. I then refined the characters and illustrated them in their final look.


After the creation of Timmy & Tammy, I was provided with a script for each of the Tri Tag videos which I then adapted into storyboards, outlining the action and transitions, trying to add humour where possible. This example is for the rules video.


Here is an illustrated example of one of the backgrounds I produced for the Tri Tag animation.